About Loz

Why list with Loz?

1. Experience

I've had 30+ years of continuous experience selling real estate. I've seen the good times and the hard. I understand the sometimes complex legal and ethical process of buying and selling properties, and combined with my experience and local market knowledge, I can steer my clients away from troubled waters before issues arise.


2. Service

I decided to work on my own again after seeing the real estate machine of the big companies grind people down. Real estate will be the biggest financial investment that many of us make, and I deliver the level of service I'd expect with such a serious matter.

I'm a sole-trader and live by my name. When you deal with Loz's Premium Property, you deal with me and will not be passed from one agent to another. I have high ethical and old-school professional standards, a rare thing in real estate these days.

Lastly, I do not take on too many listings so I can ensure I give each one the attention it needs, and you should expect.


3. Value

Real value-for-money is much more than just a cheap price.

As a sole-trader, you get both personal service and better value for money. By accessing the dazzling array of technologies available today, I can provide the market knowledge and reach of the big companies at a cheaper overall price, with personalised service thrown in.

My rate is 3% commission and I discuss marketing strategy with clients to develop an individual approach that is a best-fit for that property.